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The team was founded in 2014 by Matt Wikstrom (left) and Tony Manzella (right).

Manzella said, “Matt and I had a vision four years ago on what we wanted this team to be, and committed to making this a reality.  It’s pretty rare for an amateur team to not only stay together for this long, but grow each year, making a significant impact within the community.  It’s been a cool ride.”

“For Tony and me, we want guys on our team that are better guys off the bike than on,” said Wikstrom.  “Being fast on your bike and achieving results in races is one thing, but being a great ambassador within the community to further this sport we both love is the most important thing to us.  We couldn’t be happier about the guys that we have on the team.  They are exactly the type of people who will do just that: race their bikes to the utmost of their ability and be fantastic advocates for the sport.”

You can learn more about the rest of the team on the Roster

See you on the road; our kits look like this:

HEAVY ROTATION_2019 KIT ver2.jpg